Abhinav Agrahari




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About Me

Hi there! I am currently a 1B Mechatronics Student at the University of Waterloo. I have a strong passion for robotics related projects, namely: designing and building circuits, and learning new programming algorithms. Recently, I have been exploring the world of machine learning and related libraries.

My past projects are visible on the respective "Hardware" and "Software" pages.

Feel free to contact me at abhi.agrahari@uwaterloo.ca!


This term, I am taking the relevant courses of Data Structures and Algorithms and Circuits.
In my Engineering Graphics Design class last term I was able to learn and apply the basics of Solidworks and AutoCAD, and also took a course on Linear Algebra.
More info about my courses can be seen here.


I have worked on many hardware projects, including: designing a PCB to interface with a PS2 controller, a 3D printed robotic hand that mimics a user's hand movements, and a music-syncing LED display.
More info on my hardware projects can be found on my hardware page.


Currently, I am exploring machine learning using python libraries such as Scikit-learn and TensorFlow. During my time at highschool, I was able to create 2D platformer games, a Twitter-Bot, and participate in MIT's AI competition. My software projects are visible here.

Past employment

Below is my employment history, in reverse chronological order.

  • Walmart


    Sep. 2017 - Aug 2018

    As a part-time cashier at Wal-mart, I followed protocol to safely scan and package goods for customers